About the Project

Our goals:

  1. To disseminate and share new ideas across Earth’s
    1. General public (applicable to our daily lives and happiness),
    2. Entrepreneurial thinkers, leaders, founders, developers, visionaries, politicians, administrators (applicable to all types of our organizations), etc.,
    3. Religious thinkers (applicable to our beliefs and principles), and
    4. Scientific thinkers (applicable to our knowledge and understanding of the world), and to help all these groups work together;
  2. To publish a “self-improvement” book; and
  3. To stand against prejudice in order to prevent another World War.

Common Abbreviations

  • W.I.P. Work in Progress
  • O.L. Open Letters
  • P.L. Personal Letters
  • S.T.D. Spacetime Date
  • X “Religious” Symbol: “My personal set of daily practices, principles, and beliefs.”
  • S “Hope” Symbol
  • R.N.G. Random Number Generator
  • G.O.D. Divinity/Physics Symbols
  • B.S. Brain Science (BS page for researchers)
  • O.I. & 01 Organic Intelligence


At the time of writing this sentence, I believe in what I’m writing. The author attempts to write timelessly, but DNA evolves, neural networks fade and spark, brains develop, and people change over time. Thus, although the words I wrote yesterday are probably quite current, and I no longer stand by or believe in the words I wrote twenty years ago, everything beyond that is unknown. If you want to know what I currently believe, an in-person conversation is still the only way to really know.

The same is true of quotes, audio clips, interviews, etc. The only way to know what someone currently believes is to ask them. Ask again tomorrow, and their beliefs may be different.

I suppose this is my way of saying, “I take no responsibility for the words on this site,” although I fully intend to change them over time! [-John]

2 thoughts on “About the Project

  1. I would like to work with you as I have worked in the mobile phone industry, even though it was just part-time and helping out I have been using cellular phones from almost the beginning of the cellphone era and I believe that with my input and research we can give the major companies a run for their money and make major overheads. I believe that I am a visionary and love implementing my ideas

  2. A few things which I noted from out conversation today with AJ are iterated here, http://noblebattlemaiden.wordpress.com/2012/10/20/she-blinded-me-with-science. However, more things that I noted today were one, the fallacy of tautology was used: if we define consciousness as a function of the brain, then we exclude all evidence to the contrary – convenient, but not accurate. Two, I would have to know the specifics of the studies and the specifics of his critiques to have a specific opinion, but as a sweeping statement, as the referenced blog post points out, it is a fallacy to assume that science can accurately measure all phenomena, and therefore, once again, if we constrain as valid only those things which science measures well, then we miss huge swaths of relevant data. And, if science evolves to a point of being well equipped to measure components of consciousness, it may no longer be recognizable as “science” by our current understanding. Three, amazing that a psychologist who preaches open mindedness is so oblivious to his own complete shut down precipitated by cognitive dissonance when his paradigm is challenged. Four, the discussion that quantum physics does not apply to the physiology of the brain is nonsensical: even if true, the simple fact of the matter is that if Newtonian physics doesn’t work at every scale, it’s a disproven model. It may be SUFFICIENT to describe and even predict many things, but the glaring exceptions can’t just be swept under the rug as non-material. Just like pre-Galileon terra-centric models functioned perfectly well for the scope of technology and application at the time, they nevertheless were completely wrong. I suspect that this will become understood about our ideas of consciousness, too.

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